Reading Homestuck!
Slide 318

Yes, let’s just casually ignore the suspicious yellow liquid for a little while.


Slide 317

I’m going for laughing! That’s pretty funny!

(I’ll only laugh when it actually  happens.)

Slide 316

I don’t know whether to laugh at the irony of that statement or weep.

(There’s also the possibility of staying neutral.)

Slide 315

Though it never hurts to do it just in case…

(After all, you should never joke about your life being in danger unless you want your life to be in danger.)

Slide 314

That was short.

(… I’m going to ask Yomiel something during dinner.)

Slide 313

(So he’s the red text guy.)

More importantly, preserves dead things preserved in various way…?

Do you think he’ll like you?

Slide 312

So, Dave Strider…

(So that’s where I heard that phrase…)

Slide 311

… Did he just cut the name thing in half?

(I wasn’t aware that was possible.)

That’s so cool! New favorite character right here!

Slide 310

… Okay?

(Cue the humiliating, stupid name gag.)

Slide 309

I agree with the command thing. What the heck?

(Well, we’re going to see someone new it looks like.)